Image courtesy: Vanessa Balenovich
I am a New York City based photographer who adores everything about weddings. Being a wedding photographer, for me, is about having the heart to see the emotions in people's actions and in the things that surround them. I blend a variety of techniques in my photography to make you feel at ease in front of my camera so that even formal portraits look natural and spontaneous.
Image courtesy: Tamiz Rezvi
It is an honor for me to document someone's wedding day. For me, the candid images that capture genuine emotion are the best: a surprised look, a stolen kiss, laughter that brings tears to your eyes. Being a professional photographer is about having the technical knowledge to capture those moments with my camera and presenting them in a way that evoke emotion to all who view them.

I enjoy getting to know all about my couples, their stories and of course their big day! I understand that every single detail of a wedding is carefully planned and meaningful. I always make sure that I take beautiful images of it all. I believe that emotion is not only evoked by people, but also by the places and objects that are selected to represent the happy couple.

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Every bride is unique and has different wants and desires for her own wedding day. I would absolutely LOVE to meet you and hear about your wedding. Contact me via phone, email or my contact form on the right and we can set up a time to get together to discuss what you are looking for in your wedding photography!

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